Skins (blog hop story)

Mandatory words: position, commit, gun, practical, dispose

Mandatory words: position, commit, gun, practical, dispose

Above is the photo prompt from Wednesday’s blog hop photo reveal; below is my story that goes with it. Enjoy!


“Bobby, where is your snake?” Michelle asked her nine-year-old son.

“Whuddya mean?” replied Bobby, who was busy building his latest Lego invention.  He snapped together an orange 2×2 piece and positioned it inside the cockpit of what looked to be propeller-fighter jet-space rocket.

“Skins isn’t in the aquarium, Bobby,” said his mother. She squatted down to peer through the tank from the side. The snake wasn’t wrapped around its favorite branch near the top of the aquarium, and it didn’t seem to be inside the faux log in the bottom.  “I don’t see him anywhere. Did you close the lid after you fed him yesterday?”

Bobby paused and looked up at the ceiling with a furrowed brow. Had he shut the lid? He believed he did.

“Yep. I’m pretty sure I closed it.” Bobby went back to Lego task.

“Bobby. Look at me. This is serious. Skins isn’t in the tank which means he’s probably slithering around the house somewhere.” The thought of a snake randomly slinking around the house made Michelle squeamish.

Bobby looked at his mother and he could tell she was upset, but he didn’t know what the big deal was. Skins would turn up. He wasn’t worried. “Mom, I bet I know what happened.”


“Last night there was probably an alien that tried to get into our house, and animals always know when weird things are happening. Skins knew the alien was trying to get in to commit a crime, like to suck our brains out with its Super-laser Matter-suck gun, and Skins shapeshifted into a giant hand and climbed out of his tank to attack the alien. I bet Skins is out disposing of the alien body right now before the government finds out–which would be totally awesome if they did because then we could be on the news. The government would probably take Skins away, though, and he knew that, so that is why he needs to get rid of the alien body.”

Bobby looked as his mother. They stared at one another in silence letting the story hang in the air for a moment.

Michelle’s face contorted before she let out a burst of belly-laughter. “A Super-laser Matter-suck gun!? Hahaha! That sound’s complicated,” she said, wiping the tears that leaked out from the corners of her eyes.

“Actually,” replied Bobby, “the suck gun is far more practical for earth travel than—“

“AAYIEEEEEEK!” A horrified shriek came from his sister’s bedroom down the hall.

“What in the world!?” Bobby’s mother leaped over the Legos and out of Bobby’s room.

Just then Bobby remembered. He called out, “Oh yeah! I remember where Skins is. He’s in Chelsea’s makeup drawer! He’s alright!”

Bobby chuckled to himself and snapped a bright yellow 3×4 slope piece onto his Lego craft for one of the flaps. Only a couple more details and it would be complete.

“BOBBY PATRICK McROY! Come in here this instant!” called his mother.

But first, gotta rescue Skins.

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