Blog Hop Photo Reveal!

Welcome to another Wednesday! I hope this day finds you well (and better than my household which seems to be experiencing a round of winter colds. ‘Tis the season!)

We have a fresh prompt for you on this Writer Wednesday, and I invite you to give this challenge a go. We have a small collection of stories from last week’s prompt that should serve as some inspiration for you. Check them out, then come on back and try for yourself with this week’s photo. Don’t be shy–we’re all in this together and we’d love to see your creativity. šŸ™‚

The week our blog hop prompt is brought to us by the marvelousĀ Ms. Tena Carr. Enjoy!


Ā We are starting up our blog hop “Featured Writer” button again. Each month a random winner is chosen and we create a button (or you can create your own) to featureĀ on our blogs (Leanne, Heather, and myself; There is also Debb who is on a brief sabbatical, yet who might also put up the monthly “Featured Writer” button). Also, a short blurb will be written in our ‘beginning of the month’ Hop.

So how does the Featured Writer thing work? Each time you submit a story, after submitting 3, your name goes into a “digital” hat each month. A random winner is chosen from that “hat” to be our Featured Writer… this month it’sĀ Scott Taylor. ScottyTaylorSo why not head on over and check out his blog (just make sure you return back here for the blog hop). Ā Scott is one of our regular submitees (ok I’m not sure if there is such a word or if I’m even closing to spelling correctly). He was our top writer (number of submissions for 2014, and I think maybe 2013. For the longest time he was well known, here, for his Cap’t Monkey & Tooele Boy short stories (I think he’s taken a bit of a break from the Capt Monkey stories, but not from writing short stories).

Here areĀ last week’s story entries:

All-righty, so, on to this week’s hop. Since I’ve already put in so much preliminary info into this blog I won’t go into all the rules – You can view them on the WWBH page. Briefly: 500 words (give or take), must include the 2 photos; or the photo and the 5 words must be prominent (bolded) in your story, Please give proper credit (don’t steal/share pics as your own), while not required a brief mention of the blog hop would be much appreciated…

The 5 Words to be used this week are:

  • Dispose
  • Practical
  • Gun
  • Commit
  • Position

And the photo the story must be about:


Once you’ve written your story, don’t forget to submit via the froggy below:

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