New Year’s Edition: Best of Writer Wednesday Blog Hop

Happy new year text on typewriter

We’re counting down the final hours of 2014 to a Happy New Year, 2015! To round out the year here at the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop, we’re shining a light on a few of the bravest writers we know, who gave the blog hop a try for the first time this year!

May all of the following authors and their flash-fiction stories inspire you to challenge your creative side and give Writer Wednesday Blog Hop a whirl in 2015!

We kick off the new year with fresh prompts on January 7th–so check back next week. 🙂

Shiny new participants 

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning by Josh Bertetta

Dream Come True by Karen Knapp

Moongrape by Luccia Gray

M is For Magical Wedding by Aurora Hylton

Knit, Purl, Purl by Morgan Kellum

Cross Wires by Janni Styles

With Time to Spare by C.R. Fowler

Honorable Mentions (our regular participants whom we love and from whom we eagerly anticipate creative creations this year!)

Button’s Box by Scott Taylor (Top blog hopper with 30 entries in 2014)

Wine and Cheese by Sally Stackhouse (Second top blog hopper with 26 entries)

Gerald’s Promise by Debb Stanton (Tied with Tena with 24 entries in 2014)

Something in His Eyes by Tena Carr

Bigger than the Ocean by Carrie Sorenson

You Just Have to Be Patient by Lyn C.

She Waited by Leanne Sype

Will You by HJ Musk

Tastes Like Chicken by Tony Roberts


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