To you who sits alone

*This is the unexpected second part to a post I wrote titled, “Alone.”

To the girl sitting on the stone wall. Alone.Alone

Do not despair; lean into me and hear me well. No one sees what is inside, not yet. Young minds and blind hearts don’t know how to seek beyond what shows on the outside. There is something special inside of you that your peers do not have.

You know how it feels to sit on the outside and feel pressed in by judgement, mockery, and neglect. You know how the pain of harsh words seeps through the tender outer layers of resolve and settles right into the core of the spirit.

Because you know, you have a sensing heart. One day, you will see those who are lost. You will befriend those who are friendless. You will encourage those who are discouraged. You will comfort those who are lonely. You  will because you will sense and know their pain. 

 As you place an arm around others, you will walk together in a journey, discovering what it means to love and be loved despite what makes you different. You will learn that what makes you different is what makes you beautiful… and you will share your story with others helping them understand that you know.


You will find purpose in loving and lifting up others; inspiring your peers as you navigate life, learning who you are, sharing your insight, and seeking out what God has in store for you.

I know all this to be true because I am you.

Take heart, for you are beautiful and valuable and worthy to be heard. You have great purpose. Lift your head and cast your eyes outward; I promise, in time, you will see what I know to be true of you. You who sits on the stone wall. Alone.

7 thoughts on “To you who sits alone

  1. Leanne, this is so perfectly written. 🙂 being able to tell yourself what you see as “YOU” in the future. Is EXACTLY what you are. by your words, I know you are the person who knows exactly what to say to someone when they hurt… because you have been there, in that place. And if you haven’t, you still have some words that will make them feel better, at least for a while. If a person doesn’t need words… you are one who offers a hug.. because it is just who you are, and they welcome it. You would give all you have to help anyone, because you are a giver… to any person, even to a stray animal if it would need it. I just have a feeling you are that way. You love, with all your heart and soul. You help even when you cant help you… when you would feel low and left out, like when you were on that wall as a kid.. all alone… it wouldn’t have mattered, you still would have helped anyone, just because. Even if they weren’t friends with you. Because that is who you are inside of your heart. And even if you don’t always feel the love you have for you…. it is ALWAYS there too… you may not see it… or feel it.. but its there, and what you do for others, is proof of that. Let what you do for others, shine through to the inside and warm you, make you feel good so deep inside that it shines so bright that you can see it all the way to the outside when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday. Because you deserve to. 🙂 Your words you write tell me this. Just your words, that is all I have to go on…. tell me I am wrong!

    • Wow! You are not wrong. We’ve only just met, but you know me well! That was one of the most incredible comments I have ever read. Thank you, thank you!

      Yes, I don’t know why it is I can love and help others in a way that communicates their worth, yet I struggle to do the same for myself. I believe in people with all my heart and see their value and encourage them in their journey, yet sell myself short. I’m working on it though!

      Your words: “Let what you do for others, shine through to the inside and warm you, make you feel good so deep inside that it shines so bright that you can see it all the way to the outside when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday. Because you deserve to.” What a lovely passage of encouragement! Thank you so much. I feel wrapped in love!

      • you are so welcome. 🙂

        I am the same way… able to see things in others, encouraging them to do their best, the things they can’t see for themselves often times.. yet, I can’t do it for myself. I lack to see my own value and worth almost all the time too. I fail to believe in myself. I can lift others, give them wonderful words of advice… have been told by counselors that I should in fact BE a counselor…. yet I sit in a counselors office twice sometimes three times a week for my own issues that I can not seem to resolve… why is that?

        Maybe it is some sort of paradox being the same yet different. maybe what I tell people, is really what I want to do, am capable of doing… just haven’t applied. one day maybe…. you too… the words you say to others… they have to come from somewhere… our abilities we already have… yet to be applied maybe.

        we both just have to be open and ready for what we need to do… we just aren’t all the way there.


  2. This piece makes me feel inspired, and beautiful. Sometimes it helps to talk to ourself as another person, so we share the kindness we would usually reserve for others with ourselves.

    • I am so glad you feel inspired! Thank you.
      I absolutely agree; to approach ourselves as we would others is a tender way of showing love for our “self.” This is something I rarely do… so this post was a new experience and insightful.

      Thank you so much for reading and offering your thoughts. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Tony. Of course you have my blessing to share this with your students. I’d be honored. I pray it reaches the hearts of those who need to hear the message.

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