Jezabell’s Rescue (Blog Hop Story)

After all the serious stuff I’ve been writing, I was craving the need to write something creative and imaginary! So, below are the photos from the blog hop photo prompt along with my story that goes with it. Enjoy!


Jezabell’s Rescue


The frigid air of Crystal Forest burned Jezabell’s lungs as her horse, Ricardo, galloped through the frozen trees. There wasn’t much time before the Graupel army would learn of her intrusion.  She didn’t care; let them come with their icicle arrows and diamond swords. She’d fight to her death to save her brother.

Shining feather, blazing tail, Mother Earth show me the trail! Jezabelle sang, her velvety voice resonating against the crystalline trees. A glitter of sparks lit up the path, revealing the way to Graupel’s castle.

“Ha!” shouted Jezabell, and she gave Ricardo a confident tug on the reigns. Ricardo followed the amber trail at top speed.

When they approached the kingdom gates. Ricardo reared on his hind legs, giving a strong whinny that echoed through Crystal Forest. Zander shot straight up, smacking his head on the rotting beams of his underground quarters. Crawling to the side wall, he lifted his face to the narrow window that sat flush with the ground. Zander could feel cold air breeze through his nostrils.

Dark turmoil weak with breach, Jezzi Warrior to me you shall reach, Zander sang in a haunting tone.

Jezabell  stood quiet, letting the glacial breeze wash over her. In the cold stillness she heard her brother’s call and felt the rage of battle on its way.

Crouched in the bleak shadows, Jezabell made her way to the back gardens and searched for the prison that held her brother.

“Zander, where are you?” Jezebell called out.

“Jezzi! Beneath the south entrance,” her brother responded.

Jezabell moved swiftly and spotted the slit above ground. Her brother’s emerald eyes peered out beyond the snow.

“Brother!” she gasped, kneeling down to meet his face. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, but we must hurry. They’re coming!”

Jezabell turned to see a wall of white stallions charging toward the castle with Graupel soldiers poised for attack.

“You ready?” asked Jezabel.


Zander reached his fingers through the opening to meet his sister’s fingertips.

Blood of warriors, hearts of kin, release what’s been stolen; restore the power and unite us again.

With the luminescence of 1000 exploding stars, the ground lit up and the ground tore open with a violent rip. Zander rose into the air above his sister before lowering again by her side.

“Come on!” he shouted.

“Ricardo is in the forest beyond the gates,” said Jezabel, running alongside her brother.

The whiz of icicle arrows began to zip around them.

“UGH!” shouted Zander and he dropped to the ground.

“Alexander? Wake up. What are you doing inside this box?”Sleeping kiddo in a box

Alex opened his eyes and saw his sister’s face through his groggy stupor.


“Alex I have to pack, silly. How did you even fit in there?”

“I didn’t want you to go, so I crawled in.”

Jessie linked her fingers with her little brother’s. “It’s going to be okay, Alex. I’ll always have your back no matter how far apart we are.”

Alex smiled. “I know,” he whispered.

7 thoughts on “Jezabell’s Rescue (Blog Hop Story)

  1. Leanne I loved this! So much adventure packed into such a short word count. I got caught up in the whirlwind of the rescue, and the spells were a wonderful touch to the ambiance of the story.
    Well done!

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