Window Seat (Blog Hop Story)


Mandatory words: cancer, spike, king, danger, cashier

Above is last week’s photo prompt. Below is my story that goes with it. Enjoy!


“Oh my gosh, I think Joshua should totally be prom king,” gushed Carrie into her rhinestone-adorned cell phone. “I mean, he is so sweet, super smart , and just deserves it!”

Blake sat on his fuzzy blanket listening to his excitable babysitter gossip on the phone. At least this time she faced me toward the window. I wish she’d put me in the stroller and take me outside. Maybe if I could get her attention.

“Wahh” Blake cried out.

“Hang on Amanda,” said Carrie, “Blakey needs something.”

Carrie kneeled down beside Blake and gave him a reassuring stroke across his baby soft hair. “What’s the matter Blakey? You hungry?”

Blake wiggled his arms and kicked his legs. Take me outside. Please, please!

“Here,” said Carrie, reaching for the bottle that had rolled beyond Blake’s grasp. “This should help you sweetie.” She lifted the bottle to Blake’s lips.

Might as well have a snack since it seems I’ll be here a while, he thought. Blake held the bottle between his two chubby hands.

“Okay Amanda. Blakey’s good now. Tell me about the thing that happened with the cashier at the mall. Was she rude to you?” Carrie continued the conversation with her friend.

Blake sighed and wondered when his mother would return. Surely she would take him outside in the stroller. He sensed something wasn’t right with her when she left. Mama seemed sad after she had gotten off the phone with grandma this morning; he remembered her saying something about a spike in her white blood cells. There was danger of cancer coming back. I wonder what cancer is. Why does it make mama so sad?

The sun cast a warm ray through the shades and over Blake’s little body. Combined with the comfort of his creamy snack, he felt his eyes grow heavy with sleep. He traded his near-empty bottle for his trusty stuffed frog that was sitting by his side and let his body slowly lean to the side until he was comfortably lying on his side. The soft fabric of his fuzzy blanket felt like a sweet caress against his cheek as he fell into a peaceful slumber.

3 thoughts on “Window Seat (Blog Hop Story)

  1. Thank you, Chess. This is one of those pieces I whipped out at the 11th hour; sometimes those turn out and sometimes they don’t. So I am glad you liked it. 🙂

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