Turkey in a car (Blog hop story)


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Above is the blog hop photo prompt for last week; below is the story I was inspired to write.  Enjoy!


There once was a turkey who sat in his car, wondering who in their right mind would ever wish on a star. Life is about work, dedication, and loyalty, not some silly system of wishing and revelry.

‘Enjoy life’ and ‘live to the fullest’ said the wise old ant, ‘Reward comes to those who do and emptiness fills those who can’t.’

“Bah,” said the turkey to himself all alone in his car, “I’ve worked my whole life, reward can’t be far.”

Just then he saw what couldn’t be true, an army of turkeys surrounded his vehicle out of the blue!

“What is going on here? Get away from my car!” blasted the turkey in anger.

The largest tom responded, “Is that any way to greet a friendly stranger?”

“We’ve caused you no harm,” the tom continued, “merely made our presence known. Your heart is a quarry of anger from which you throw stones.”

“Well excuse me if you don’t appreciate my emotional artillery,” mocked the grumpy, feathered bird, “I want you to go away and leave me be. Not another word.”

“Is that really what you want—sitting all alone in your car? Do you even know where your friends are?”

“Who needs friends? All I need is me. I work hard, pay my bills and live happy and free.”

“Yet,” challenged the tom, “you sit here alone stuck in your car, wondering about rewards and wishing on stars.”

“I am not stuck–“

“Let me finish,” said the tom, “When we stop to ponder if there might be more, it’s because something is missing—a part of our self we need to explore.”

Both fowls paused in silence to let the message sink in, and then the tom started speaking again.

“You know why you’re stuck here, my fine turkey friend. I invite you to come out and travel with me and my flock of friends.  Come and see what you have yet to comprehend.”

The turkey thought for a moment and admitted the tom just might be right. It was time to stop hiding and putting up a fight. There was something missing from his turkey life; time to put an end to his angry strife. It would be a great risk to travel and explore, but with new friends by his side his spirit could soar.

“Okay I will come,” said the turkey to the tom, getting out of his car. “Answer me one question and I’ll be ready when you are.”

“I’m sure I’ll have an answer for you, without a doubt.”

“Are you one of those angels the Bible talks about?”

Tom turkey laughed, “A turkey angel? What a sight that would be!”

“Well,” said the turkey, “it makes perfect sense to me.”

Word count= 459

4 thoughts on “Turkey in a car (Blog hop story)

  1. What a creative story, especially considering the photo to work with. I’m glad the turkey is willing to listen, put his self-centeredness aside and explore new adventures. Maybe he’ll do some good things for others…..a life lesson for all of us. Nice job!

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