Loaded Letter (Blog hop story)

Santa Monica Pier amusements

Mandatory words: courage, saliva, brooch, ant, bingo

Above is the blog hop photo prompt; below is my story that goes with it. Enjoy!


Dear Lily,

I feel like writing but there is nothing to say.  Of course, any writer knows there is always more to be said. The question really is, is there enough courage to say it? The hand pressed down holds back a world of unspoken truth, the price too high if ever revealed. Yet, it is interesting isn’t it, how every truth becomes known. With a slip of the tongue, a curious eye, an accidental misstep in calculation. Each little clue pops out over time, until B-I-N-G-O—truth be told.  Every game has a loser, doesn’t it Lily?

Yet there’s relief that follows when the dots connect. While the price is high, it pays to lose, for there is freedom found as lies crash. Out of the anthill and into the yard, there’s a whole new world to explore… the truth beyond what anyone ever could have imagined. Oh, Lily. You and I both know don’t we? No one knows but us, we’re trapped in our stifled world of lies; I yearn for the freedom of open air—truth be told.

I still have grandma’s brooch. You know the ruby lady bug with the diamonds spots? It’s hidden now. I used to think it was magic the way the white gems sparkled against the bright red. Every time I hold it I wonder if grandma saw what you did, from her place in heaven, like magic.  Do you think so? When I think of that day, my mouth goes dry and my stomach turns, saliva replaced with choking bile in my throat. It wasn’t a game, it wasn’t magic. That day was real, Lily.

But there’s nothing else to say. What’s done is done and now we wait and wonder when all will be revealed. I yearn for that day yet hope it never comes. What about you?

My wish for you, little sister, is peace. I never hear from you, but I will keep writing in hopes that one day you will write back. I am not going anywhere, as you know, and I would welcome you.


Your big brother, Stephen
Oregon State Penitentiary
Salem, OR

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