Game Over (Collaboration Challenge)

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Six authors, myself included, have come together to write a single story. I’ve had the pleasure of writing the conclusion!

Of course, it’s no fun to just give away the ending! Here’s the thread-links of the story for your reading pleasure– then come on back here to see what happens! I promise it won’t end how you expect. 😉

Part One– “High Tide” by Carrie Sorenson

Part Two– “Let the Games Begin” by Nicole Pyles

Part Three–  “Moment of Truth” by Tena Carr

Part Four– “Summer Choices”  by Leonard Suskin

Part Five– “Decision” by Heather Musk

And now for “The End”:


“Nobody leaves the party,” said Mick glaring across the driveway.

“You mean no one does anything without you orchestrating it first. Right?” asked Kip. He marched down the drive and stood in front of Mick, giving him a cool stare through narrowed eyes, “You need control and power to lord over others… to make yourself feel like a big shot.”

“Does standing up to me make you feel like a big shot, Kip?” Mick challenged back with controlled anger in his voice.

“What are you hiding from, Mick?” Kip asked.

Mick’s eyes shifted to Janet who was fidgeting behind Kip. “Maybe you should ask your girlfriend what she’s hiding. Seems you’ve been missing all the clues. You aren’t very good at this game, Friend.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Kip asked. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled to attention. Something wasn’t right. He turned to face Janet.

“Janet, what’s going on? What are you hiding?”

“Um… Kip. See I didn’t think you’d actually come here—come for me,” Janet said in a low tone. Her face went dark and mean. “I wish you hadn’t done that.”

“I don’t understand. Janet, what’s wrong?” Kip said, nervousness creeping into his throat. His mouth felt dry and his stomach churned.

“Rules are rules, Janet,” quipped Mick.

“Shut up, Mick!” Janet snapped back. “I know how this works.”

She stepped in close to Kip and ran her pointer finger seductively down his cheek. Her hazel eyes were wide and crazed staring into Kip’s. “You see, Kip, honey,” Janet began, her voice dripping in a mocking whine, “I had to leave you because you are merely a wet noodle, darling. No pizzazz in your personality, no adventure in your spirit.”

“You’re boring, dude,” Mick’s voice said, somewhere in the dark.

“Mick! Do you miiiind?” Janet said angrily. “You’ll get your chance, damnit!”

Kip spoke, “I thought you were going to some college program thing. That’s why you left.”

“Tsk. See this is what I mean, Kip. You aren’t curious enough to ask questions and you take things for what they are. Lame!” Janet huffed out in frustration. “No. I couldn’t care less about that stupid program. Bottom line is this. I left to be with Mick-y here.”

Janet sauntered over to Mick and cupped the sides of his face gingerly with her hands. “You see, he’s confident, strong, a leader… knows what he wants and goes after it,” she said, nuzzled his nose.

“You know me well, baby,” Mick said slyly, pulling Janet against his body.

Janet wiggled out of Mick’s arms. “The prob-le-m iis,” Janet said, drawing out each word in sinister effect, “Mick is narcissistic. Really only cares about himself. I’m not his number one priority. He is. Quite frankly, Mick is a fraud.”

“Wait, what?” Mick asked.

Janet stood in between the two guys and declared, “I want a man who will fight for me. New challenge boys!” In a swift movement, Janet reached behind her back and pulled out a hunter’s knife.

“Oh, hell yeah!” said Mick.

“Janet–“ Kip started.

“Hush!” Janet hissed.

An eerie silence fell over the three for a moment. Janet admired the 4.5 inch blade gleaning in the moonlight and let out a sigh in the dark.

Finally she spoke with tense seduction in her voice, “Listen to me Kip, sweetie. I think you’re cute and somewhere in that doormat of a self, there’s a fighter in you. Fighters are sexy, darling. Show me what you got.”

Mick interrupted, “I so got this. I’ll show you what I got, baby! Gimme that thing!” Mick lunged for the knife and grabbed it out of Janet’s hand.

“Damnit Mick! Watch out!” Janet shouted.

Mick didn’t care. He pointed the knife at Kip who was backing away. Kip was confused and unsure of how things got so out of hand. How had he missed all the crazy in these people? It didn’t matter now.

Mick let out an ominous snicker. “This ought to be an interesting fight. I’ve never challenged a wet noodle before,” he said mockingly, pushing the knife slowly through the dark.

“How about one with a black belt?” Kip said.

“What the hell are you talking about?” asked Mick.

In a quick twist of his hip, Kip exploded a roundhouse kick straight to Mick’s knee, blowing it out completely and disabling Mick in an instant. Mick screamed in shocked pain as he fell to the ground, flinging the knife toward Janet’s feet.


“MICK!” screeched Janet. She grabbed the knife off the ground as she ran toward Mick. In her rush she slipped on the loose gravel, and in an awkward attempt to keep from hitting the rocks face first, she landed on top of the knife, piercing it through the side of her neck. Like a broken dam on a raging river, blood gushed from Janet’s throat.

“Oh god, Kip, help–,” Janet whimpered in a gurgled whisper before falling silent with death.

A foot away, Mick was still writhing on ground in pain. The once pompous leader now crying like a young schoolboy hurt on the playground.

Kip quickly pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialed 9-1-1.

He sat on the hood of his Jeep while he waited and looked down on the two fallen souls. In somber victory, he declared, “Game over.”

5 thoughts on “Game Over (Collaboration Challenge)

  1. Wow! I was gripped from beginning to end with this, I didn’t know what any of them were going to do next! It’s fun seeing what direction someone else takes something that you’ve written yourself. Great finish to the story, well done.

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