Eliana’s Choice (Blog hop story)

Photo by Kristoffer Sorensen

Photo by Kristoffer Sorensen

Above is the photo for this week’s blog hop prompt; below is my story that goes with it. Enjoy!

Mandatory words: cord, custard, alter, myth, birthday

“’Hey look, you found a headless mermaid!’”

Are you serious!? Those were my last words?

You didn’t let me finish. You followed it with ‘You’re truly an amazing photographer. Nice job.’ Then you collapsed.”

Whew. You know, Andy and I watched an Animal Planet special about mermaids. It convincingly debunked the myth that those creatures exist. I think I believed in them.

“Eliana, listen to me.  You have a decision to make. Everybody is waiting.”

I don’t even know what happened. All I know is I’m tired. And this space is quiet and peaceful. I can think here.

“Remember your headaches? The ones you’ve been ignoring and attributing to caffeine and allergies… and sometimes tension?”


“You had a tumor, Eliana. After you collapsed, you ended up in the hospital. It took a while to figure out what was wrong with you. Andy tried to answer all the doctors’ questions for you about your health, but it was hard because you never told anyone what was going on. After an MRI they discovered a tumor on the right side of your brain. Thankfully, it was operable and they removed it. Now it’s up to you whether you’re going to be okay or not. Everyone is waiting.”

I don’t know if I can go back. I’m so tired. This place gives me rest and certainty. I feel safe here.

“No one stays in this space forever, Eliana. You either go back or leave forever. If you go back, you will have to alter your lifestyle a bit as you heal. You’ll need to rebuild.  Your life won’t look the same, but you will still be Eliana.”

I’m scared.

“Focus your energy to your left. I know you can’t see them, but you can feel them can’t you?”

Yes. My precious gifts.

“Exactly. Patrick is scared you won’t be at his birthday party next month. And Ann? You promised her she could help make Patrick’s special cake with cherry custard filling. She’s scared you’ll never be by her side in the kitchen again. I know you’re uncertain, but so is everyone else. Especially these two. Life won’t be the same, but it could be more beautiful than it ever was before, Eliana. If you want it to be. You choose. Everyone is waiting.”

Okay. I’ll go back but promise you won’t leave me.

“I promise never to leave you. I am you.”

So how do I get back? Do I pull a cord or something?

“Grab my hand. Think back to the last thing you remember.”

The headless mermaid?

“Haha! Figures. Focus on that and squeeze your hand. Ready?”


“Oh, one quick thing. That itch you feel to write a book? That’s not an itch. That’s instruction.”

Wait. What?


A rush of energy surged through my heart; I opened my eyes to a sun-filled room. Everyone was waiting.

I focused in on the serious brown eyes and familiar peanut nose in front of me.

“Mommy?” he whispered.

“Hi, Peanut…”

Word count= 499

22 thoughts on “Eliana’s Choice (Blog hop story)

  1. Wow. This is incredible, Leanne! Eliana having the power to decide her own fate leaves me wondering what if this is really how it is in these life and death situations. Great story!

    • Thanks, Cindy! One of the reasons I fear death is because I don’t know what happens in between the time we leave Earth and make our way to heaven (at least I hope that’s where I end up!). I find myself thinking about it more often than I should. 🙂

  2. A very intriguing take on the prompt photo and words, you nearly had me in tears. It is an emotional piece with, thankfully, a happy ending.

    • Aw. Thank you, Sally! I appreciate your comment. I know I tend to write dark pieces, but I like to include some sort of uplift for the reader. :).

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  4. This is excellent, Leanne. I was on the edge of my seat wondering which way she was going to go, and I welled up at the end when she saw her ‘Peanut’. Well done.

  5. Nice “stretch” Leanne. You took it beyond the obvious, and in doing so intrigued me and captured me in the moments you created. Well done.

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