Sleepytime Elixr (Blog Hop Story)


Above is the photo prompt for this week’s blog hop. Below is my story that goes with it. Enjoy! 🙂

Mandatory words: crescent, satin, head-on, imprint, care-worn.

A crescent moon shines brilliantly off the dark satin stillness of the lake. The midnight heat ignites the restless mind, reminiscing on memories never lost, never forgotten.  Buried deep in a space so safe, the heart could not face the truth head-on unless triggered by just the right moment… such as this. Dark, hot, late, the smell of impending summer rain tingling the senses. The precious imprint of a first kiss comes to life with the first drops trailing down my cheek, permeating through layers of careworn years of wonder, regret, and wishful thinking. Young love, pure and innocent, is protected by the charm of naïve expectations. My heart floods with the “what if’s,” “could haves” and “should haves.” Love still remains, and for one moment I let myself feel it… then put it away.  Back in the safe space where it belongs.

Layla set her pen down and ran her eyes over what she’d just written. The scrolls of orange ink linked together in prose made her smile. These humid nights of the season agitated her insomnia, but at the same time she welcomed the bursts of late night creativity.

The coffeehouse didn’t close until 2 a.m.  and was a special refuge on these nights she felt especially lonely. She missed James. The uncertainty of what happened to him plagued her sometimes. “A love lost is better than a love that never existed,” her mom would say. Layla wasn’t so sure on nights like tonight. The burden of love-filled memories was heavy, yet at the same time they shaped how her heart approached love today.

Layla closed her journal.

“You heading out, Layla?” asked Dave, the late-shift barista. He walked over to her table with a to-go cup in his hand.

“Yeah. I have got to try to get some sleep,” Layla said, packing her pen and journal into the bag.

Dave smiled. “Here. Try this,” he handed her the cup. “It’s on the house.”

“Thanks, Dave. What is it?”

“I call it Sleepytime Elixr,” he said with a grin. “It has Chamomile, lemon rind, and a hint of lavender. It should help you sleep. And give you pleasant dreams.”

Layla gave him a shy smile. “Thank you. Seriously, I appreciate it.”

Dave put his hand on Layla’s shoulder and looked into her tired hazel eyes. “Sure thing. Anytime.”

Layla felt a nervous flop in her lower belly as she took in his dark, brown eyes.

“Hey Layla?”


“If you have trouble sleeping tomorrow, shoot me a text. I’ll walk with you by the lake. Christy works the late shift, so I’m free. If you want, okay?”

“Um. Sure. Okay.” Layla said, suddenly feeling uncomfortable and excited at the same time.

“Great!” Dave said, walking back to the counter. “Take care Layla. And don’t think too much.” He turned and gave her a wink over his shoulder.

Word count= 478

5 thoughts on “Sleepytime Elixr (Blog Hop Story)

    • Hi Sally! Thanks so much. Yeah, I don’t know what got into me with the first part. I’m sure there’s something deep and personal in there. Then I decided I needed to lift things up a bit. 🙂

  1. Oh man! Can you continue the story so we can find out if their relationship blossoms? I know I’m supposed to be left to my own imagination now but this is such a good intro and I am hooked! Very well written with the subtle romantic undertone.

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