Camel Man (Blog Hop Story)

Mandatory words: anchor, dock, cannon, credit card, camel

Mandatory words: anchor, dock, cannon, credit card, camel

Above is the blog hop photo prompt; below is my story that goes with it. Enjoy!

“Da-dada-DAHHHH! I am Camel Man!” Joey raised his hands up to the sky and bounced atop a jagged boulder along the river bank.

“Camel Man?” Donny asked. “Hey be careful up there li’l brother. ‘S slippery up there.”

“Yeah! Camel Man. I drink up all the water in the rivers and store it my humpity humps. Then if there’s a fire or some’in I can rescue people!  I don’t have to have hoses or a truck or anything. Camels store all their water in humps. Did you know that?” Joey leaped off the rock and landed in front of his older brother. His blue eyes were full of the vibrant inquisitiveness of a six year old always thinking.

Today was  a good day for Joey, and Donny was glad they could finally spend an afternoon together. There might not be too many more chances soon.

Donny laughed. “Yeah I think I knew. But thanks for reminding me. You’re pretty smart you know?” He gave Joey a playful noogie on top of his head.

“Hey, Donny! Let’s pretend we’re pirates! And we’re travelin’ the high seas and we run into some bad guys who want to steal our treasure. We can shoot our cannon to scare them!! PACKSHOOO BOOOM!” Joey ran to the water’s edge and mimicked and explosion with his arms.

“We’ve gone from a super hero camel to pirates now, eh? Okay. Maybe we should dock on a secret island to bury our treasure and draw a map. We’ll make it real hard for people to find, and only the smartest people who figure out the map deserve our treasure,” said Donny.

“YEAHHH!” Joey jumped in the air and landed low, grabbing a nearby stick. “No one will be able to find our doubloons!”

“Doubloons?” asked Donny. “How do you know about doubloons?”

“From that book How I Became a Pirate. Mommy brought it to me in my room.” Joey smiled. “Hey Donny! Did you know pirates don’t have to brush their teeth? Or eat veggies!?”

“Oh that is definitely the life for you, then!” said Donny.

“Yeah,” Joey sat down on a log and started doodling in the mud with his stick. “Hey Donny, we should drop anchor on the other side of the island,” he drew a circle in the wet dirt, “that way the bad guys get tricked and think we hid our treasure in one spot when really we put it somewhere else.”

“Good idea, buddy,” Donny said. “You gettin’ tired?”


“Mom gave me her credit card for the ice cream shop. We can get a scoop Pirate’s Peppermint before I take you back. Cool?”


Donny reached out his hand. Joey wrapped his fingers around Donny’s palm.

“Hey Donny?”


“Will my cancer go away this time, you think?”

“I know it will. Three weeks of chemo and your cancer will be obliterated. Then we’ll come back and bury those doubloons. Okay?”

Joey looked up; happiness danced in his eyes. “Okay cool!”


Word count: 500

11 thoughts on “Camel Man (Blog Hop Story)

  1. You had me all upbeat and cheerful in the pirate game and then, full of tears as I read the last sentences and of course his cancer will be obliterated.

  2. Leanne!! No fair. Haha. I was kind of warned with Donny’s earlier somber thought, but I was thinking divorce and split up, or going off to college or something. Definitely threw me for a loop – great horrible twist. 😛

  3. Oooh, didn’t see that teary ending coming but it certainly adds a twist to the story. I’m going to chose to believe that 3 weeks of chemo did the job. Good story.

  4. I was going for an emotional shock at the end, so it sounds like I got it, yes? Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment, Vicki. 🙂

  5. Oh, we’re all praying that cancer doesn’t take away this joyful and innocent little boy. I think every reader would give give him a big hug if we could! The story is so lifelike, and you portrayed the playfulness and rambunctiousness of a 6 year old very well. Nicely written, and the tearful twist at the end is heart-wrenching.

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