A Grand Surprise (Blog Hop Story)

Mandatory words: girders, sale, ham, spike, parity

Mandatory words: girders, sale, ham, spike, parity

Above is the photo from last week’s Blog Hop Photo Reveal, below is my story that goes with it. Enjoy!

“Charles, dah-ling, you look ravishing!” Helen gushed to her husband.

“So do you, my dear,” said Charles. “Come, now. We must go.  Mr. LeRoy doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

Helen furrowed her eyebrows and huffed. “That man seems so impatient. I’ve never met him, but I promise you I already don’t like him,” Helen confessed. “This is supposed to be a party, not one of his wretched business meetings.”

“Now now, Helen. Do not get surly. It’s not becoming on your beautiful face. Besides, Mr. LeRoy is to credit for the restoration of the Governor Hotel. If it weren’t for him there would be no party in the divine space. Did you know all the girders had been so damaged the entire hotel was in danger of crumbling to the ground?”

“No. I did not. Would have been such a pity to lose such romantic landmark. Okay, I am glad for him and the sale of the property to him.” Helen looked up at Charles with a coy smile and continued, “I had my first kiss behind the butler’s pantry in the kitchen of that place you know.”

“Tsk. Oh yes. That old ham of a boyfriend.” Charles rolled his eyes. “What was his name? Robert Leroy or something?” he waved his hand dismissively and a slight pout flashed through his face.

Helen let out a laugh and kissed her husband. “Oh dah-ling. Don’t get surly. It’s not becoming on your handsome face,” she raised an eyebrow at him and lifted the corners of her lips, teasing him with her amusement.

Charles chuckled and gently ran a finger down Helen’s cheek, “You’re lucky I love you and appreciate your wit, my dear. Come. We must go.”

When they arrived at the hotel, Helen was awestruck. “Oh my!” she said with a breathless air, “Just look at those chandeliers!”

Grand chandeliers dripping with hundreds of sparkling crystal pendants graced the ceiling, which was magnificently adorned with a boldly ornate fresco. The elegance above reflected off the ballroom floor, a cherry wood polished to a brilliant shine, and cast an ambiance of sophisticated glitz throughout the room.  Glamorous evening gowns and handsome tuxedos brought parity to the exquisite allure of the night.

“Shall I get us some champagne, darling?” ask Charles.

“Ah. Yes. Of course, I’d love some,” Helen said, unable to fully concentrate on her husband’s question.

As she waited for Charles to return, Helen’s mind wandered in time to her first kiss. Robert had been a gentleman, ‘You are so beautiful and your humor so charming. I like you Helen’ he’d confessed.   He leaned in and kissed her sweetly; the warmth and tenderness of his lips had made her knees wobble and her belly flutter.

Charles’ voice interrupted her thoughts. “Helen, my love. I want you to meet someone.” Helen turned.

“This is Bob LeRoy, my boss at the firm,” said Charles.

She locked eyes with her first love, sending a spike of shock through her chest.


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