Cloaked (Blog Hop Story… sorta)


Above is the picture from last week’s blog hop photo reveal. Below is my story (more of a poem/passage sort of piece) that goes with it. I’d say enjoy, but this turned out very dark, yet I hope you feel the uplift at the end.

Mandatory words: carpet, definition, sponge, wardrobe, pudding

Resting upon a carpet of eternal sky, the sun invites me to lift my face out and away from the confines of my internal world. I close my eyes, letting the rays wash over me and absorbing the winter air through my senses. The darkness tinged around my spirit reaches up toward the light, yearning to be seeped away into a sponge of oblivion, exposing the definition of who I could be. There’s a fire that burns bright within my core, yet it suffocates, cloaked in a heavy wardrobe of confusion, doubt, and shame.  As the spoil of suet pudding in summer heat, so do my inner thoughts feel rancid within my spirit. For this brief moment under a winter’s sun, I shed the cloak and accept hope that my brokenness will one day be made new again.

Word count: 139

4 thoughts on “Cloaked (Blog Hop Story… sorta)

  1. That is absolutely beautiful, Leanna. I love it. I experienced this piece deeply. Your opening, “Resting upon a carpet of eternal sky…” took me right out of my chair and up into this vast expanse somewhere between the worldly sky and a heavenly sky. What a perfect way to prime the journey you created for us. Fantastic! Then you brought me back down and within with, “For this brief moment under a winter’s sun, I shed the cloak and accept hope that my brokenness will one day be made new again.”
    So good!
    Sun?!? I saw a moon. Funny… Now that everyone has called it a sun, I see that it indeed is. Ashamed…
    Thank you for this piece.


    • I am humbled by your words, kind and fellow writer friend. 🙂 Thank you so much. I’d be honored if you re blogged it.

      As for sun versus moon… we all see what our hearts need to see so we can pour out what we need to say. We each interpret inspiration as uniquely as the words we craft. That’s what makes writing so beautiful… what you see as moon I see as sun as someone else might see as a star, and we each share our internal worlds around our visions connecting with vast array of readers. So never be ashamed of what you see and what you create around it, okay? What you do matters; you’re a wonderful writer… keep doing what you do, friend!

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