Mama’s Songs (Blog Hop story)


Mandatory Words: iron, moon, university, bee, bench

Mama died a little while ago. I don’t know how long, but it seems like forever. But sometimes it feels like just a minute ago. Daddy still seems sad. Even though he tries to hide his sad face, I can tell he misses mama. So do I. Everything changed when she went up to heaven. Our house has no more music. I miss that the most. Mama always hummed when she was takin’ care of me ‘n’ daddy. When she would iron daddy’s work shirts, or brush our dog, Felix, or even that time she put medicine on my bee sting, she would just hum these soft pretty songs. Her songs made me know she loved us. I never knew the words, but I know she did cuz even though she only hummed, I could tell she was singin’ in her mind.

When mama got sick, she couldn’t do as many things. I think that made her cry. One time I couldn’t sleep, so I went to look out the window. Sometimes when I look at the moon, I can think about stuff better. I saw mama sitting on the bench under our big birch tree. Mama loved that birch tree. She said birch trees were her favorite because they reminded her of the human spirit: beautiful and mighty in stature, yet made with many delicate layers. I think maybe she learned that at university school or something. Mama was pretty smart. I watched her on that bench. Even though it was real dark, I could tell she was cryin’ because the moonlight made her tears all shiny on her face. I wanted to run out and hug her. Maybe even hum a song to her so she could know I loved her even though she couldn’t do as much stuff for me ‘n’ daddy.

Daddy came out to be with her. He walked over real slow and gentle like. Mama seemed happy to see him cuz she smiled, so he sat next to her. They didn’t say any words to each other, but it seemed like they were talking somehow. Mama leaned her head on daddy’s shoulder and he wrapped her up in his arms like a big comfy blanket. I fell asleep watching them that night.

Three days later mama went to be with Jesus.

I sure do think about her a lot when I’m all by myself. It seems to be takin’ a long time for the sad to go away. Sometimes, when I am extra sad, I bring Felix on my walks through our field. I think Felix understands me better than anybody even though he’s just a dog. Plus he doesn’t seem to mind when I hum mama’s songs out loud in the times I miss her the most.


3 thoughts on “Mama’s Songs (Blog Hop story)

  1. Wonderful story, there is foreshadowing with mama crying late on the bench and then when she leaves to “be with Jesus” the sadness is gripping and powerful. Every reader can relate as we have all had a loved one pass in which we hold fond memories of special things they did. Very well done!

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