Letting Go

hugo häring, siemensstadt housing, 1929

Above is the photo writing prompt for this week’s blog hop challenge, below is my story that goes with it. Enjoy!

Mandatory Words: bullfight, island, verse, savior, mouse

He felt lost. The beauty of the view from the balcony was invisible to him, for the pain he felt blinded him from what was real. Though the darkness draping his spirit like a heavy blanket was absolute, the truth was he was the only one to blame.  Sure, he’d fought a good fight the way battle ensues within the ring of a bullfight, but in the end he’d given up. He wouldn’t become the savior he’d envisioned.

She had been his companion for over 50 years. They lived a beautiful life on their own little island of happiness, yet everyone was invited to see. Their love for one another was no secret, and most people envied the kindred connection they shared with longing warmth. She’d caught his attention at 19 years old, singing a solo verse of Amazing Grace at the annual community picnic. Her long, golden hair shimmered in the afternoon light the way sunshine glistens upon the gentle waters of a lazy river. The softness of her skin, the pink of her lips, and the sound of her angelic voice riding the melodious waves of his favorite hymn was entrancing. It wasn’t until her deep green eyes locked with his that he realized he was in love with her. Love at first sight was a myth until that moment.

Late that afternoon they had met under the big birch tree. It was serendipitous as he had been playing ball with Mrs. Riley’s son, and the ball rolled over to where she was reading. He could still remember how his heart pounded with excitement as their eyes met, and the corners of her beautiful mouth had spoken the sweetest ‘hello’ he’d ever heard. They sat under that tree and talked until the rising of the sun. As the dawn of the morning rays glazed the tips of the hills, he’d kissed her with gentle passion, igniting a full flame of love between both of their hearts.

They had been inseparable after that day… until yesterday. He let her go. Oh, the searing pain within his heart cries out ‘how could I let her go!’

Yet, there was nothing more he could have done. As an angel spirit, she watched her grieving husband weep and felt the burden of guilt gripped around his soul—a guilt that was not his to bear for it was her time to go home. Letting her go had been a gift. With a whisper no louder than the patter of a mouse upon the softest grass, she gave her husband the forgiveness he sought. He lifted his head to the sky with tears streaming down his cheeks and whispered, “I love you.”

7 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. It’s so interesting that this photo ignited a sort of sadness in everyone! But I love the piece you wrote!! It was sad, but touching at the same time!!

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