Sour Morning (Blog Hop)

Above is the Writer Wednesday photo prompt from Nicole Pyles over at World of my Imagination. Below is my story that goes with it… this was collaboration with my husband. Hubz saw the picture and texted me his idea for the story premise… Enjoy!

Mandatory words: loaf, creation, kidnap, balcony, mime

The heat from the oven rushed over Lisa’s skin as she pulled out the freshly baked sourdough loaf, her customers’ favorite request. The smell of crispy bread coupled the whir of the mixer in the corner had Lisa remembering her days as a young girl in her grandfather’s bakery.  Papa would wake her at 4:30 am three days a week so she could come and learn the family recipes that had been passed down over generations. The early mornings were tough, but Lisa had loved the sound of Papa’s voice coaching her through the process of mixing flour, butter, sugar, and eggs to make a variety of baked treats. Having taken over the family bakery two years ago, Lisa embraced the nostalgia of each culinary creation.

Lisa turned to set the fresh bread on the cooling counter and was shocked to see a man dressed in all black blocking her. The motor on the mixer had stifled the sounds of the man’s heavy-booted footsteps leaving Lisa oblivious to the intruder’s arrival.

“M-may I help you?” Lisa inquired nervously, uncertain of the man’s intentions of trespassing.

Without a word, the man drew a small silver pistol from his jacket pocket and motioned for her to leave through the back door behind her. Stepping into the cold, Lisa frantically scanned the back alley for a way to escape this kidnap situation and began to run. The man was faster and within seconds Lisa felt a stinging forceful blow to the back of her head. The world went black.

When she awoke, Lisa found herself lying on the floor in a dimly lit room with a throbbing ache pulsing in the back of her head.  She looked around and saw an old, leather sofa against one wall. Next to it was a small antique table, round with a Chinese decal embedded on the front. She had to get out of there. Opposite of the couch was a sliding glass door, and Lisa could see there was balcony outside. The apartment was silent… the kidnappers must have thought she’d be out longer and left her alone. Still cautious, though, she crawled over to the glass door and let herself onto the balcony.

Down below she saw a street sweeper coming down the lane. Lisa knew he wouldn’t her shouts over the sound of the truck’s engine, so she jumped up and down waving her arms. This made her dizzy and her head throb harder, but he was her only hope. The driver saw her and looked at her with confusion. She could only mime that she needed help, but at that moment the kidnappers returned. In her panic, Lisa saw only one choice. She jumped.

Word count= 451

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