Missed Rush

Above is the Writer Wednesday photo prompt from Nicole Pyles over at World of my Imagination. Below is my story that goes with it. Enjoy!

Mandatory words: wallet, circus, kid, cruise ship, slide

He isn’t sure when it happened. Life had been blissfully sweet, full of love, security, and peace. Like a continuous zip down the water slide of life, he lived fast, furious, and fun. There was no care or worry about what tomorrow would bring because he focused on living in the moment. As a kid, he experienced life as a circus, bouncing from one adventure to the next reaping celebration and friends along the way. He was the ringmaster of his life, engaging in every event to its fullest and embracing the whimsy of excitement that came with it.

Everything changed though. Now he walks a reflective, quiet path. Unsure of where life will lead next, yet caring about the uncertainty. He has learned, though, there is beauty to be found within the contemplative silence. For the first time in his life he sees and absorbs what he hadn’t noticed before. He missed a lot zipping along his journey in life, and though he had experienced much, he’d never taken the time to appreciate that which stood still along the fringe of his path.

The worn picture that lives in his wallet serves as a reminder and a burden of his biggest miss. It was a moment in time where had he’d been paying attention would have never been ignored. In his fantastical desire to live out every adventure within his heart, he’d failed to open his arms and eyes wide enough to fully accept who was standing on the sidelines, cheering him on and loving him completely.

His mind wanders back to the fateful day on the cruise ship. He had been so excited for the day’s activities and the wonder of where they were going, he didn’t notice her unusually subdued demeanor. He hadn’t  known she was unwell let alone have a clue as to how sick she was. Leaving her in the cabin to sleep, he went off—to live, to experience. When he returned, she was gone. Lifeless.

The shock and devastation hit him unlike any adrenaline rush he’d ever experienced. The heavy mourning of loss doesn’t dissipate the way a rush does.  It wasn’t until she was gone that he even realized what he’d felt for her. Never had he completely explored his love for her, and thus never expressed to her what lived deep within him. He missed out on the most meaningful adventure of his life; the rush of living in love.

The doctors said she could have been saved… if he would have seen the signs. So he isn’t sure when it happened, the moment he decided to live a life of intent, rather than rushed adventure—the moment he left her or the moment he lost her.

Word count= 456

4 thoughts on “Missed Rush

  1. This is a great interpretation of the prompt.

    My one critique would be the repetitiveness of the “of his life” sentences. It’s so easy to get caught up in your story, but every time I read one of these statements kept sending me back to the first one.

  2. This is a great story. I feel like I can relate to it in my own way. I certainly learned how differently I see things when I stop for a moment and look around. It’s too easy to rush past things, to get caught up in the stresses of our day, or the excitement of a moment.

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